Monday, December 29, 2008

New Year. New Attitude

It has been a crazy year. Economic downturn, historic weather, murder mysteries solved, etc, etc. I know I have been avoiding this blog. I have been trying to adapt to the economy like most people. However a schedule change taking effect January 5th, will allow me to make daily posts to this blog. I decided to eliminate negative attitudes, emotions and people from my inner well being. Been there, done that. And it isn't any fun. So I am going to follow my dreams and goals,whether I am making money or not. I have a lot of goals. And luckily I have the best mentor in the world that will help me accomplish those goals in a timely fashion. Until next year: take care!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Is being polite dead?

Why is it that people think, when they are mean to other people, that they will succeed. I was speaking with a c0-worker who happened to be an "extra" for movies, and his friend was an aspiring screenwriter/director that used him for movies. And my co-workers comment was that his screenwriter friend will be successful because he is an asshole. I mean come on, do you really have to act like a pompous jerk to be accepted into society or the Hollywood world. Isn't a nice humble approach better? Whatever happened to being nice, and doing unto others as they do unto you?

Monday, December 15, 2008

Look at an old picture

I love taking pictures because they create memories that can be cherished for a lifetime. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in reality a picture is priceless to me. Sometimes when I am feeling blue, I get out my photo album, and just reminisce about the scenery and the events that took place in the picture. It is always nice to reflect on a precious moment in your life. Thank goodness for the creation of the camera!

Friday, December 12, 2008

The best gift...

Aaaah, it is that time again, where every one freaks out because they can't get their hands on the "hot" new toy. Or they are stressing because they don't have enough money to buy the "hot" new toy. In my personal opinion I think holidays are overrated. I mean don't get me wrong, there is nothing with spending time with your family and loved ones. But do you really need a designated day to share your love and time with the ones that are dear to your heart? People look at me funny when I say I don't celebrate the holidays; even though I eat all the food. (LOL). But I believe that time is the most precious gift that you can give anyone. Whether it be a long conversation on the phone, going shopping, a hike up a mountain, as long as you are spending quality time to show that person you care, that is all that matters. Material things are ephemeral, but time, affection and love is forever.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

What are you a master of?

It is great to be a jack of all trades, a triple threat, a multi-talented individual. Whatever you want to call yourself, but are you a master of anything? Doesn't it feel great to be the " go to" person when someone needs some information that you have. I realized that I am running around in circles, trying to a superwoman. I must admit that I am a good at some things that I do, but I am not great. So my goal for 2009 is to become a Master of Information. I love to research, and I love helping other people. So I have to focus on what type of information I would like to provide that will be valuable to my readers. I have some general ideas, but I think a few brainstorming sessions will allow me to come up with some great information that will help others live a better life. So with that being said, what do you want to be a master of?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I love dancing!

What can I say? I love to dance! Dancing is very therapeutic, it is a form of expression and freedom. And besides it is a great form of exercise where you can burn more than 100 calories in less than an hour. Sometimes when I am having a not so good day, or need to clear my head. You see when I am dancing, I forget about everything and everyone and just let my body sway to the eclectic beats of hip hop, R&B, and techno.

I have a friend that recently joined a Ballroom dancing class, for a very low price! Once I get my schedule together I will definitely be there. I love almost any kind of dancing. Try it and you may be amazed of the exhilarating high that you get from shaking your body!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Confidence Confirmed.

When you believe in yourself and your ability, others will follow. As you may know, I am embarking on a lifetime dream of becoming an established writer. No I don't need to be the next J.K. Rowling. I want to be the Nina Nicole Lewis, the person that I am right now. I want to share my thoughts emotions and passions with the world. But sometimes that is hard to do, because I fear that people won't receive me, or they choose someone else. Well if they do so be it. Nevertheless the show still must go on, if I don't write for other people I have to write for myself right? So I am doing this writing thing, trying to get clients and such. I did some free work for a particular client, and little did I know he has raved about my skills to his colleagues which in turn has hired me to do some more work. You see I was being my own worst critic, and this particular person thinks that I am amazing. And you know what I AM AMAZING! We are all unique in our own way, there are over 6.7 billion people in this world, of course someone is going to resonate with you. So when you are feeling down and out, remember that there is someone in this world that appreciates what you do. Have confidence in yourself, and you will see the doors open up in no time!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Living Life

Wow! I didn't realize that it was over 2 weeks since my last post. I guess it is true what they say; life gets in the way. Well sometimes that may ring true. But I finally had time to venture away from the 9-5 job and do a trial week of what living the freelance life should be like. That is right, you guessed it folks, I am on a "staycation" I am staying close to home, and I am actually working on my freelance writing career. My " staycation" started yesterday, therefore I chose Sunday to do absolutely nothing! Well I worked on my website for a few hours, only because I wanted to, and then I called a few friends to play catch-up, because I know during the week that I am going to be super busy with my "Writing Stuff." Well I don't have too many writing assignments right now. I am just building my prospect list and conducting my research to see what fields can use my writing services the most, especially in this crazy economy!

Well until next time, take care of yourself and the ones you love!