Monday, November 10, 2008

Take a Break

This is a lesson that I have to teach myself. I have been working tirelessly for the last few months, trying to organize my start-up business. The experience has been rewarding and challenging. There is so much information that I did not know, and more information that I need to learn. From sunrise to sundown, I have put all of my time, energy and patience into creating a brand that I can be proud of. Although my business is a work in progress, I know that I will eventually get it to where I need it to be. After working my "buns" off, I realized that I need to take a break. So I chose what I know best to help me distress; dancing! Luckily I live in Las Vegas, Nevada where nightclubs are open on any given day of the week. So I pick my at least one day, to forget about work,stress, woes, and whatever else is boggling my mind. And I just release my emotions through powerful movement on the dance floor. So when you feel like you are overwhelmed, pick your passion and reward yourself by engaging in any activity that you enjoy best!

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