Saturday, November 8, 2008

Everyone needs a little bit of India….

India Arie that is. If you don’t know who she is allow me to introduce her to you. Indie Arie is a neo-soul artist that is fearless with the guitar and melodic with her voice. Her words move you into a state of serenity like no other. Why do I love her so much? Because she does not conform to society’s standards of what they identify as beautiful. She knows her worth and loves herself inside and out. Her hits like “ I am not my hair.” And “ Love yourself.” give you a pure example of who she is and how she does not succumb to superficiality. She believes in love and life, and she knows all things are possible through faith. Take a moment to listen to her smooth sounds, and you will see why she is a pleasure to listen to after a long day.

What artist do you listen to, to help you relax?

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